Hi, I’m Scott. I am constantly in a state of renewal and reinvention. My age and my attitude reside in different decades. This is my story about why this project is important. It is a combination of many threads that have been going on in my life, this is the knot that binds them. I live in a world of wonder, exploration and abundance, i move through life as an athlete scholar and although, never titled as such, I am a teacher. With these three threads, I live an examined life and want to record, examine and share the path I am on.

What is a world of wonder? I grew up as an athlete and spent most of my free time out of doors in both remote and urban environments, sensing and feeding off the energies of them. Most of of my work life has been in textured, rich cityscapes and I love the people and places where multitudes gather. Other parts of life are spent alone navigating on two feet or the two wheels of my mountain bike. It is in the detail and periphery vision that exploration begins, down the alley or the fork less travelled. This thread is about finding, experiencing and sharing these, both small and mighty. From the beauty of a wild mushroom to the vista of a great mountain to the shadow of a stepladder, we will live them all.

We are energetic, spiritual beings living in a physical plain and make choices everyday to build or destroy the manifestation we inhabit. Let’s choose to build and protect out mind and body that our spirit inhabits. I live a cruelty and waste free life as much as I can and seek to expand the healthspan of this lifespan. As far as we know, it is the only one we are working with so let’s enjoy it in order to enhance the wonder. Making smart choices, we will live to one hundred years young and I invite you to share in the learnings and experiences.

Seeking to simplify, we can work together to enhance our journey and learn from each other and our experience. I will lead on the path, explore the side trails, find the mystery and share the joy so you may pick and choose what’s in it for you. Learning is a two way plan, the teacher and student each share and receive. DoAble Adventures will be a sharing of real world experiences (trekking and guiding), visual (YouTube and Instagram) and the written word (this blog). Somewhere, there is something for you.

No one may ever see this and that is okay as it will be out there and chronicle a journey of wonder, examination and learning. It is a quest to question and hopefully a path to a notable destination.

I will see you out there.