Whitney in One Day


Day of Adventure

Guidance and support to the top of Mt Whitney, the highest peak in the lower forty-eight

Route finding, technical advice, full first aid and CPR support

Continental breakfast in the early am

Transportation home after adventure

Leading up to the BIG Adventure

Hotel accommodations

Spaghetti dinner the night prior

Transportation to the adventure

Permits and logistics

Local training adventure to top of Mt. Baldy and/or

Local training adventure to top of San Gorgonio (tallest in So CA)

Support throughout the Adventure

Training tips and tactics

Gear consulting

Following your Adventure

Stories to last a lifetime

DVD of photos and movies

Momento of Whitney in One Day-Extreme Adventure

Putting it together yourself  more work than you can imagine

Doing it with DoAble Adventures - well....DoAble!

Standing on Top of the World - Priceless

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